Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Jealous Matter

It has long been an argumentative issue that jealousy likely becomes a very antagonistic concern in most relationship, dominating from one simple fact that could turned into a furious, heated feud or disagreement. People are wondering but the same remains a complicated or rather an arduous matter. The same may have varied explanations, however, an acceptable aspect affirms the belief of a defeat or i would rather say bereavement.

Jealousy is that lone feeling you have against smirking rival or detractor. As a matter of fact, this bragging, straightforward statement can create a perfect scenario in your minds regarding what jealousy feels like. Most of the time, you are left alone looking like an idiot while others are having every ecstatic dreamy journey overhead. In other words, they are having a party while you are feeling like hell!

But on the contrary, what impelled or forced us to have this feeling and go through this heart breaking sentiment isn't always the "smirking detractors" we forge into our minds. The "sexy nanny or housemaid", or even the "college love" are often treated as threats. We thought they are, however, this staggering or I would rather say devastating state of suspicion we experience because of these personalities, can undeniably be a big headache to our most precious affairs.

Being jealous can be an array of nasty, villainous character dominating in our lives. Underlying behaviour taken in its favour can definitely ruin a blossoming romance; gradually destroying a longstanding relationship or even worst can lead to serious misdeed or abuse.

Jealousy isn't something we have in restraint. The reality is that we don't have much control over it. It is an innate, instinctive emotion or sentiments that anyone can experience. The conflict with jealousy is that it hides other sentiments and attitudes leading to more complicated scenarios that are even more painful to us. The hardest part of it is that it covers-up deep-rooted feelings of obsession, insecurity or guilt. It is but a common knowledge for most of us that lies underneath every hidden jealousy or enviousness isn't really the problem itself. The conflict arises because of that compulsion within us to agonize and castigate ourselves with self-detracting thoughts and speculations.

Notwithstanding with all the negative aspects that lies within the concerned situation, most of us are often unaware of the rootless shame that is growing inside us. This is true because it comes spontaneously to think self-critical speculations about ourselves. But at the same time, shame from our previous experiences can deeply influence the severity to which we feel envious, jealous or rather, I may say insecure! In a serious relationship, pain from rejection or deception can bring out old feelings that there is actually something wrong with us.

Understanding the roots and reasons for being jealous play an important part of maintaining a good and healthy relationship. It is but crucial for us to be aware of the complication driving us thru uncertainties, confusion and self-doubt. If we can identify all of these thoughts and speculations, then, we can react against it. Nonetheless, being jealous or suspicious, doubtful and accusatory has no room within our heart and conscience.
There are many difficulties we may go through in life, but accepting these challenges may somehow intensify our strength as an individual. Improving our trust and communication with our partners can also strengthen a positive sense of self. This may somehow empower us to accept the reality that we are loved and deny that negative impression that we are going to be neglected or betrayed.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Pride and Humility

Pride is concerned with who is right.
Humility is concerned with what is right.
         - Ezra Taft Benson -


How many among us do have the courage to take out his pride? Not to consider and whatever reasons you may have, did you ever arrive into decisions which could lead into swallowing your pride? Or did you oftentimes heard sermons and lectures regarding pride and humility? Probably, there are few among us. Notwithstanding that the topic itself is quite annoying to people, it's been walking throughout the history and recognized both as the deadliest vices and the greatest virtue at the same time. 

Pride apparently is evident among successful people, the powerful, celebrities and not to forget those rich and famous. However, the same lives and blooms in the heart of ordinary people, too, including each one of us. But still, there are few who realize how dangerous and threatening it is, both into our souls and to our decreasing intimacy and relationship with the Almighty Creator. Nonetheless, our whole individuality and personality is deeply affected.

Humility, on the other hand, had been seen as our weakness or shortcomings that only few are much aware of it and pursue it. It is also of great importance that to establish a good relationship with our fellowmen, then we need to have a better understanding of pride and humility; that we should be careful in considering when to forsake one or embrace one another.

It is quite the truth to think that most of us do not see pride in our lives. And while it is easy to see pride in others, it is absolutely hard for us to see it in ourselves. Honestly, humility is currently not the trend in our modern society and seems to be unappealing to most of us. Such belief may give us some consequences. Being humble might be quite hard for us:  in the family, in the workplace, even in the community and everywhere around us. In any other ways, that is apparently an imprudent, earthly point of view. For just, "as pride is the root of all sin, and so humility is the mother and bond of all virtue."

Evolving into one kind of individuality does not happen over a night. I just cannot forget this one thing that my colleague has told me. It was rather like to tearing off one simple cabbage:  you tear off one layer only to find another beneath it. But the same is not unusual and does actually happen. As we renounce pride and seek to humble ourselves by choice and deliverance, humility grows within ourselves and deep within our hearts. It is indeed a grace, such agility and beauty cherished by and in the Eyes of the Almighty Creator.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Between Pride And Friendship


"Birds of the same feather flock together." 
"Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are!" 

Friendship, for sure has a great impact in our lives. Human behavior, our demeanor or mental state and outlooks are like viruses that contaminate in a sense. We are somewhat the same or more likely analogous to our friends, peers or group. We adapt certain attitudes common to them like we became fashion conscious if they are, smoke and drink liquor if they do. But I would rather not tell that you will become the same or like them as against your will. The choice is all yours!
It's all animosity at the moment to be asking whether your friends deserve enough to be called good friends and be with you. Time after time there seems to be a good spirit nagging unto you to be resilient in choosing among your peers. There were also times when we tried to cover up headlines and issues that gave us reasons to dump a friend. And between those moments, that crucial choice between pride and friendship wherein the reputation is at stake, I keep asking myself on whether I could still make this relationship work out and at the same time be less annoying and stressful.

It is quite self-fulfilling gaining friends who help you assume great vision, expose you to a better environment, and who can understand the situation and everything in your existence. But to seek more friends to inspire one part of your life is a much different story than to eliminate or getting rid of somebody you've loved simply because they are not exactly what you want them to be. This isn't about ending or the finale of a drastic relationship or searching out for guidelines in our lives that we may deem called and pay attention to. I think it should be both. I would rather not suggest, that to end a relationship with people you love because they are not perfect or just because they might be your failure if they remain as part of your group.

Well, nobody's perfect! Who among us doesn't have any defects at all? Tell me if there's anyone you knew who has all-fascinating attitudes without any undesirable traits? Are we going to kick them out of our lives just because we believe they will pull us down? Did we ever think about or have we ever thought it once that instead of junking them out, we make an effort to lift them up? And instead of concentrating seriously on whether our much controversial group of peers is good or lives fair enough for us, let us first make ourselves or make sure we are good enough for them! Let us all embrace each other with all the existing contradictions found within all of us. Let us allow ourselves embark trust upon everybody that we may become desirable, beneficial and more loving. Let us make the dumb be the smart... and the devil be an angel!

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Anxiety And Stress Among Students


Billions of students around the world are trying to cope and get by with the upcoming pressures during exams that accompany every school season. The average student feels some level of anxiety before an exam, however, for some students the case can be severe. These cases usually happen when meeting deadlines and during exams which most of the time influence their performance. The same can happen shortly before and during exams.

Whatever you may call it, “being terrorize or what”, the distress about the upcoming tests and exams seems to have been the main component of the mind whenever a scheduled exams approaches. Student who experienced stress and anxiety are often irritable, lose appetite, not having enough sleep but having a lot of apprehension and lastly, they may appear unhappy and dispirited. Having someone to talk about or our support as a parent can be of great help. It may lessen their worries and will keep things on the right angle.

Definitely, good sleep will improve one's thinking and concentration. Most teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep. We need to allow them to halt or shutter down between studying, watching TV or even using a computer before going to bed. It will surely give them a good night sleep. 

A well-balanced diet is essential for everybody especially for those busy students cramming before the exams. Good diet and enough sleep will benefit them absolutely far more than we expected.

Parents need to be flexible around exams time. During reviewing hours, we need not to worry about household chores or other things left undone like untidy rooms. Stop nagging about household responsibilities. Stay calm and cool. Just take note, exams don't last forever.  

We knew that a good, supportive family has a great impact on every student's success and performance. Much pressure at exam time comes from inside our home. Keep things on the right track and maintain our children's goal and perspective. We should give support and try to avoid criticism as much as possible. They must enter the examination room with great assurance and a lot of positive spirits within themselves. However, we must make it a point for them to realize that failing isn't the end of everything. Just in case things didn't go well, of course, they may be able to take the exams again or else, they can make it better the next time. 
There's always a happy ending. Celebrate by organizing an end-of-exam banquet or treat. You may even give a simple gift as reward. Nevertheless, do not use rewards as bribe but instead inspire them to work for their own gratification and happiness. Our utmost support will encourage them to attain and achieve better performance.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Be Bold and Confident


Do you feel deserted or depressed? Maybe you just want to become outgoing or rather need some company instead. Do you feel as though you aren’t good enough? To become better than what you already are is the key to achieving your goal. Be bold and confident.  Be as awesome as anyone would have dream to be from all walks of life.

Only those who try, dare and pursue, attain what they aspire for and achieve success. It is quite pleasant and satisfying to be positive, make no struggle and be like the usual or ordinary.  But fortunately such scenarios coincide with many external forces which influence all of us. To be daring and bold trying to make new things makes a lot of changes that seems intimidating.

Are you afraid that you might make mistakes? Are you afraid to look ridiculous or is avoiding criticism? If so, definitely you lack self-esteem and more importantly, self-confidence. And if you wish to allow those things intimidate you, be lonely and keep complaining, well then, stay where you are now. It’s your choice. However, if you want to live a happy life, then, you have to deal with it and consider taking a step away from all your fears.

You have to decide what’s good and catch up the day before you decide what’s achievable. Imagine your future. Learn to dare and allow yourself to dream big dreams. Whatever others have done, you can do it as well. And perhaps even better! Once you’re determined, you should know where you’re leading to. The only question is how to achieve your goal. And that is, how do you get from where you are now to where you want to be? Do not forget the only choice you have is success. Failure is not an option.

We are one good creation of the Almighty. We do all have our own purpose in life. We have been put on this earth to do something wonderful and beneficial to mankind. We should know our individual calling, that one accomplishment that will benefit both you and others.

You have within yourself such enormous talents and abilities waiting to be discovered and challenged. Be true to yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of selling yourself bare or settling for less than what you are capable of.

There are definitely no guarantees in life. Many dreams die unborn because the dreamer lacks the courage to take the first move. Every obstacle must need to be overcome. Launch in the direction of your dreams. Every great achievement begins with a vision. Just do it and go for what you want.

Success is for the people that dare to be different. Be bold and confident!

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