Monday, September 7, 2015

Pride and Humility

Pride is concerned with who is right.
Humility is concerned with what is right.
         - Ezra Taft Benson -


How many among us do have the courage to take out his pride? Not to consider and whatever reasons you may have, did you ever arrive into decisions which could lead into swallowing your pride? Or did you oftentimes heard sermons and lectures regarding pride and humility? Probably, there are few among us. Notwithstanding that the topic itself is quite annoying to people, it's been walking throughout the history and recognized both as the deadliest vices and the greatest virtue at the same time. 

Pride apparently is evident among successful people, the powerful, celebrities and not to forget those rich and famous. However, the same lives and blooms in the heart of ordinary people, too, including each one of us. But still, there are few who realize how dangerous and threatening it is, both into our souls and to our decreasing intimacy and relationship with the Almighty Creator. Nonetheless, our whole individuality and personality is deeply affected.

Humility, on the other hand, had been seen as our weakness or shortcomings that only few are much aware of it and pursue it. It is also of great importance that to establish a good relationship with our fellowmen, then we need to have a better understanding of pride and humility; that we should be careful in considering when to forsake one or embrace one another.

It is quite the truth to think that most of us do not see pride in our lives. And while it is easy to see pride in others, it is absolutely hard for us to see it in ourselves. Honestly, humility is currently not the trend in our modern society and seems to be unappealing to most of us. Such belief may give us some consequences. Being humble might be quite hard for us:  in the family, in the workplace, even in the community and everywhere around us. In any other ways, that is apparently an imprudent, earthly point of view. For just, "as pride is the root of all sin, and so humility is the mother and bond of all virtue."

Evolving into one kind of individuality does not happen over a night. I just cannot forget this one thing that my colleague has told me. It was rather like to tearing off one simple cabbage:  you tear off one layer only to find another beneath it. But the same is not unusual and does actually happen. As we renounce pride and seek to humble ourselves by choice and deliverance, humility grows within ourselves and deep within our hearts. It is indeed a grace, such agility and beauty cherished by and in the Eyes of the Almighty Creator.

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