Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Jealous Matter

It has long been an argumentative issue that jealousy likely becomes a very antagonistic concern in most relationship, dominating from one simple fact that could turned into a furious, heated feud or disagreement. People are wondering but the same remains a complicated or rather an arduous matter. The same may have varied explanations, however, an acceptable aspect affirms the belief of a defeat or i would rather say bereavement.

Jealousy is that lone feeling you have against smirking rival or detractor. As a matter of fact, this bragging, straightforward statement can create a perfect scenario in your minds regarding what jealousy feels like. Most of the time, you are left alone looking like an idiot while others are having every ecstatic dreamy journey overhead. In other words, they are having a party while you are feeling like hell!

But on the contrary, what impelled or forced us to have this feeling and go through this heart breaking sentiment isn't always the "smirking detractors" we forge into our minds. The "sexy nanny or housemaid", or even the "college love" are often treated as threats. We thought they are, however, this staggering or I would rather say devastating state of suspicion we experience because of these personalities, can undeniably be a big headache to our most precious affairs.

Being jealous can be an array of nasty, villainous character dominating in our lives. Underlying behaviour taken in its favour can definitely ruin a blossoming romance; gradually destroying a longstanding relationship or even worst can lead to serious misdeed or abuse.

Jealousy isn't something we have in restraint. The reality is that we don't have much control over it. It is an innate, instinctive emotion or sentiments that anyone can experience. The conflict with jealousy is that it hides other sentiments and attitudes leading to more complicated scenarios that are even more painful to us. The hardest part of it is that it covers-up deep-rooted feelings of obsession, insecurity or guilt. It is but a common knowledge for most of us that lies underneath every hidden jealousy or enviousness isn't really the problem itself. The conflict arises because of that compulsion within us to agonize and castigate ourselves with self-detracting thoughts and speculations.

Notwithstanding with all the negative aspects that lies within the concerned situation, most of us are often unaware of the rootless shame that is growing inside us. This is true because it comes spontaneously to think self-critical speculations about ourselves. But at the same time, shame from our previous experiences can deeply influence the severity to which we feel envious, jealous or rather, I may say insecure! In a serious relationship, pain from rejection or deception can bring out old feelings that there is actually something wrong with us.

Understanding the roots and reasons for being jealous play an important part of maintaining a good and healthy relationship. It is but crucial for us to be aware of the complication driving us thru uncertainties, confusion and self-doubt. If we can identify all of these thoughts and speculations, then, we can react against it. Nonetheless, being jealous or suspicious, doubtful and accusatory has no room within our heart and conscience.
There are many difficulties we may go through in life, but accepting these challenges may somehow intensify our strength as an individual. Improving our trust and communication with our partners can also strengthen a positive sense of self. This may somehow empower us to accept the reality that we are loved and deny that negative impression that we are going to be neglected or betrayed.

Photo credit:  www.huffingtonpost.com