Sunday, August 9, 2015

Anxiety And Stress Among Students


Billions of students around the world are trying to cope and get by with the upcoming pressures during exams that accompany every school season. The average student feels some level of anxiety before an exam, however, for some students the case can be severe. These cases usually happen when meeting deadlines and during exams which most of the time influence their performance. The same can happen shortly before and during exams.

Whatever you may call it, “being terrorize or what”, the distress about the upcoming tests and exams seems to have been the main component of the mind whenever a scheduled exams approaches. Student who experienced stress and anxiety are often irritable, lose appetite, not having enough sleep but having a lot of apprehension and lastly, they may appear unhappy and dispirited. Having someone to talk about or our support as a parent can be of great help. It may lessen their worries and will keep things on the right angle.

Definitely, good sleep will improve one's thinking and concentration. Most teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep. We need to allow them to halt or shutter down between studying, watching TV or even using a computer before going to bed. It will surely give them a good night sleep. 

A well-balanced diet is essential for everybody especially for those busy students cramming before the exams. Good diet and enough sleep will benefit them absolutely far more than we expected.

Parents need to be flexible around exams time. During reviewing hours, we need not to worry about household chores or other things left undone like untidy rooms. Stop nagging about household responsibilities. Stay calm and cool. Just take note, exams don't last forever.  

We knew that a good, supportive family has a great impact on every student's success and performance. Much pressure at exam time comes from inside our home. Keep things on the right track and maintain our children's goal and perspective. We should give support and try to avoid criticism as much as possible. They must enter the examination room with great assurance and a lot of positive spirits within themselves. However, we must make it a point for them to realize that failing isn't the end of everything. Just in case things didn't go well, of course, they may be able to take the exams again or else, they can make it better the next time. 
There's always a happy ending. Celebrate by organizing an end-of-exam banquet or treat. You may even give a simple gift as reward. Nevertheless, do not use rewards as bribe but instead inspire them to work for their own gratification and happiness. Our utmost support will encourage them to attain and achieve better performance.

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