Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Between Pride And Friendship


"Birds of the same feather flock together." 
"Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are!" 

Friendship, for sure has a great impact in our lives. Human behavior, our demeanor or mental state and outlooks are like viruses that contaminate in a sense. We are somewhat the same or more likely analogous to our friends, peers or group. We adapt certain attitudes common to them like we became fashion conscious if they are, smoke and drink liquor if they do. But I would rather not tell that you will become the same or like them as against your will. The choice is all yours!
It's all animosity at the moment to be asking whether your friends deserve enough to be called good friends and be with you. Time after time there seems to be a good spirit nagging unto you to be resilient in choosing among your peers. There were also times when we tried to cover up headlines and issues that gave us reasons to dump a friend. And between those moments, that crucial choice between pride and friendship wherein the reputation is at stake, I keep asking myself on whether I could still make this relationship work out and at the same time be less annoying and stressful.

It is quite self-fulfilling gaining friends who help you assume great vision, expose you to a better environment, and who can understand the situation and everything in your existence. But to seek more friends to inspire one part of your life is a much different story than to eliminate or getting rid of somebody you've loved simply because they are not exactly what you want them to be. This isn't about ending or the finale of a drastic relationship or searching out for guidelines in our lives that we may deem called and pay attention to. I think it should be both. I would rather not suggest, that to end a relationship with people you love because they are not perfect or just because they might be your failure if they remain as part of your group.

Well, nobody's perfect! Who among us doesn't have any defects at all? Tell me if there's anyone you knew who has all-fascinating attitudes without any undesirable traits? Are we going to kick them out of our lives just because we believe they will pull us down? Did we ever think about or have we ever thought it once that instead of junking them out, we make an effort to lift them up? And instead of concentrating seriously on whether our much controversial group of peers is good or lives fair enough for us, let us first make ourselves or make sure we are good enough for them! Let us all embrace each other with all the existing contradictions found within all of us. Let us allow ourselves embark trust upon everybody that we may become desirable, beneficial and more loving. Let us make the dumb be the smart... and the devil be an angel!

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